Born in a small city in China and raised in Shanghai, Qingzi Fan spent most of the time traveling to the underdeveloped regions of China, where she saw underprivileged families struggling with life, children shouldering the responsibility of onerous farm work and town residents suffering from severe pollution. What she saw strengthened her belief that unless someone like a reporter brings the terrible conditions to light, things would never change.

She is now a M.A. candidate in NYU News & Documentary program. Her current projects are centered in New York City. In 2015, she produced a video for NYC Channel 1 about a Congolese refugee who escaped war and violence, and eventually found asylum in America. Her most recent documentary short Dancing on Wheels featured a paralyzed dancer starting over her career as a ballerina after an accident that broke her spine. She is now focusing on bringing human rights issues in China to the big screen, and gives American viewers an inside look into the Chinese society.